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  • Decorate Your Work Space

    Decorate Your Work Space

    By Shai Lagarde Transform your cubicle into a mini vacation spot! Here’s how I did mine. After working freelance for nine years in fashion and media, shifting to corporate required […]

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  • Housekeeping Tips

    Housekeeping Tips

    By Khristine Echevaria Generally, good housekeeping means more than just cleanliness. It also means keeping necessary things at hand and in place. There are a thousand and one ways of […]

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  • Good Housekeeping—For The Office

    Good Housekeeping—For The Office

    By Elroy Z. Uta Getting stuck at our desks can already be draining and monotonous. And the tiniest frustrations at work like pulling out a wrong plug, a cluttered workspace, […]

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