A Birthday Tribute to REP

November 24, 2014
07:58 AM


A birthday surprise and a short tribute was prepared by the employees for the diamond birthday of Sir Robert E. Pizarro last October 20, 2014.

abrown birthday tribute to rep 2

The President of the Brown Group of Companies’ celebrated another milestone of his life as he turned 60 years old last October 21.

abrown guests of the birthday celebrant

Sir Robert was surprised by his family and employees as they entered the XSCCI Bar-Lounge right after the Monday Flag ceremony and serenaded him with a birthday song.

mrs. anabelle brown giving her warm message to the celebrant and guests

Mrs. Annabelle Brown, the older sister of Sir Robert, gave her warm birthday message and shared his inspiring story of success during his younger days.

birthday celebration gifts

A short skit was also presented by the talented employees from A Brown, depicting Sir Robert at home with his family and kids followed by a heartwarming birthday video presentation showing a glimpse of his life. Mrs. Teena Pizarro, the beloved wife of Sir Robert imparted her words of gratitude to the employees who made the said event meaningful for her dear husband.

The program ended with a message of overwhelming gratitude from the birthday celebrator.

A thanksgiving mass was also celebrated at the Immaculate Conception Chapel attended by the employees.