A Powered Up Birthday

June 13, 2015
06:48 AM


Mr. Roel Z. Castro, President and CEO of A Brown Company, Inc. subsidiaries Palm Concepcion Power Corporation (PCPC), Peakpower Energy Inc. (PEI) and Hydro Link Power Corporation (HLPC) celebrated his birthday last April with a simple but sumptuous meal at the company’s Manila office. Present at his birthday gathering were PCPC, PEI and HLPC employees, officers, directors and business associates, along with Sir Roel’s wife Ms. Jasmin and their three children.

abrown birthday celebration 1
abrown birthday celebration 2

Head of Corporate Affairs Ms. Cristina Cabalhin led the celebrations with a prayer, and festivities began with Asian-fusion dishes.

Sir Roel thanked everyone for coming, as well as for their continuous support in the endeavors and projects of the company.