ABCI and ABERDI Bloodletting Activity

January 05, 2018
03:51 AM

Life will always be precious and it is important to remember that we need to preserve it as much as we could. The company once again develop that sense of valuing the life bestowed upon us by God through blood donations.

It was the sixth day of the month of December of the year 2017 that the five man medical team of the Philippine Red Cross conducted a bloodletting at the employees’ lounge of Xavier Sports and Country Club. The team was composed of a doctor and nurses. Out of 27 who tried to donate their blood, 14 employees of both ABCI and ABERDI became successful in giving blood.

It was undeniably a great opportunity for the employees, where we were able to save more lives through our blood and at the same time we become aware of our health conditions. Thus, saving lives is both an opportunity and a blissful deed. Once again, we would like to thank all the donors for giving their time more importantly their blood for those who are in need.