ABCI Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

July 20, 2015
06:05 AM


Part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative for this year is to raise awareness and regarding breast cancer to both female and male members of the community.

A Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign Seminar (lecture and forum) with risk factor assessment, one-on-one consultation, and breast cancer screening was held in late June at Xavier Sports & Country Club. The campaign was conducted by Gift2Life Inc. (G2L), a community and volunteer-based nonprofit, non-stock, healthcare catalytic innovator in knowledge and access to cause-related and chronic disease service processes. The organization advocates breast cancer awareness through lectures and forums as well as exhibits to various government institutions, communities, corporations and organizations in order to achieve early detection and appropriate treatment, increase breast cancer survival, and save lives in the Philippines.

abci supports breast cancer awareness 1

The team was spearheaded by G2L’s President, Dr. Cristina Santos, a breast cancer specialist since 2005.

105 employees from Brown Group of Companies, Rosevale School, Xavier Estates Homeowners’ Association, and agency workers in SPI and Interserve joined the 2-day seminar campaign and underwent the Physical Breast Cancer Examination with the assistance of the team of nurses and doctors of G2L.