ABERDI Reviews Food Safety

March 07, 2016
09:16 AM


A Brown Energy and Resources Development, Inc. (ABERDI) conducted a Food Safety Seminar on March 6, 2016 at ABERDI Mill, Impasug-ong Bukidnon. The seminar was given to food handlers assigned in the CPO (crude palm oil) and RBD (refined, bleached, and deodorized) working areas, in preparation for the HALAL application and inspection.

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The half-day seminar aimed to refresh employees and agency workers’ knowledge on the importance of implementing a food safety management system, ensure that food handlers attend appropriate food hygiene courses, and maintain adequate food hygiene standards. Among the important topics discussed were the importance of basic food safety, and the different food-borne illnesses and causative agents, good safety hazards, cGMP and Tuberculosis (TB).

The Municipal Health Office of Impasugong, represented by Mr. Franco Paulo Suico RN, Nestor P. Sanglay Jr., and John Paul Y. Colina conducted the seminar.

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The company is in the oil palm business. Its primary activity is the extraction process of fresh fruit bunches (FFB) to CPO in its mill plant situated at Malubong, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon with a capacity of 10 tons per hour producing an average of 100 tons of CPO per day for ten hour operation. This product is a raw material for manufacturers that process both food and non-food commodities (ex. Household cooking oil, biodiesel, soap, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, noodles and pasta, non-dairy creamers, etc.) The sources of the FFBs are subsidiaries of ABERDI and various independent growers of oil palm. The oil extraction ratio of crude palm oil ranges from 15% to 20% while palm kernel recovery ranges from 2% to 5% respectively. Other products are sludge oil, fiber, and shell, empty bunch, sludge cake as non-food uses.

Refined, Bleached and Dedorized (RBD)

The company started the construction of the 50 tonner/day palm oil physical refinery with fractionation last December 2012.

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