Card and Poster Contest Showcases Artistic Skills

January 02, 2016
02:06 AM

By: Quarren M. del Rosario

In celebration of this year’s theme “Celebrating a Joyful Year of Unity and Love in the Spirit of Christmas,” an On-the-Spot Christmas Card and Poster Making Contest was held.

The company organized activities that showcased the talented artistic skills of the Brown Group of employees and their children.


Last Dec. 11, an On-the-Spot Christmas Making Contest was held at XSCC Function Rooms, with 4 contestants. Winners of the said contest are as follows:

Abrown 4th place mr. rhuel t. minoza
4th Place: Mr. Rhuel T. Minoza
abrown 3rd place ms. joanna marie abrea
3rd Place: Ms. Joanna Marie Abrea
abrown 2nd place ceasar jay sablad
2nd Place: Ceasar Jay Sablad
abrown 1st place ms. aireen jane minoza
1st Place: Ms. Aireen Jane Minoza

Christmas Card-Making

Also, last Dec. 12, a Christmas Card Making Contest was also conducted for the young kids of the employees ages 4-13 years old. There were 14 contestants who participated the contest and presented their creative art works. Winners of the contest are as follows:

abrown 3rd place febe jutba
3rd Place: Febe Jutba
abrown 2nd place wave walkin bonita
2nd Place: Wave Walkin Bonita
abrown 1st place merry chris cerbito
1st Place: Merry Chris Cerbito
abrown card making contest kids