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By Bebs Gerwin G Dagondon

“Can you hear the sound of life heard in the laughter of children at play? Can you hear the sound of voices sing, feel the magic and joy they bring?” Isn’t it melodious in the ears every time we hear the songs of the famous Jose Mari Chan every time December falls? Yes, of course, it will not just let us feel the season of giving but it allows us to go back in time where we were still young and sing Christmas songs outside the houses of our neighbors.

Through the initiative of our beloved President and CEO Mr. Roel Z. Castro, the company formed a singing group and named it A Brown Company Chorale. It was the first time that the company had a caroling at the selected home owners of Xavier Estates. It was a 5 day activity, from the 14th up to the 21st of December, every 5:00-7:00 in the evening. With all the singing and dancing, strumming of guitar, the tiny plucking of ukulele and bass of the beat box, we were able to raise money amounting Php 27,200.00.

It was full of fun, from the practices up to the last day of the caroling where we conquered the rainy nights of December. Thus, we would like to thank those employees who rendered their time and talent for the success of the activity and also the generosity of the people who allow us to serenade their houses with our Christmas songs. Surely God will always remember everybody for giving what we have in this season of Christmas. Good Tidings, everyone!