Celebrating Halloween at the Workplace

October 20, 2014
08:11 AM


With Halloween landing right at us in a few weeks, the Food & Beverage and Kitchen Departments of Xavier Sports and Country Club  spiced up our office area and gave a fresh Halloween-themed ambiance to the office. It also gives an opportunity for guests and customers to take some quick photos.

Through time, Halloween has grown into an important event to look forward to and is now one of the most popular holidays, second only to Christmas. When you ask a random person what he or she thinks about this time of the month, most likely you’ll get Halloween as an answer. We Filipinos love traditions, and Halloween is a season for us to visit our departed love ones in cemetery and for the kids to engage in scary costumes and play trick or treat. It is also one of the best holiday traditions to celebrate with our families and also at work.

For a company, it’s also a great way to spice up the work place. Celebrating Halloween at work appeals to the kid in us and helps create a sense of fun and it’s also creatively entertaining.

Well, first a little disclaimer: when I say celebrate Halloween at work, I’m not tellingyou to pull a scary prank on your officers or to your co-workers. I don’t want to be responsible if anyone is called up by HRD for misbehavior!

As with any corporate activity, we all look up to Human Resources for events and activities. But, in our small way, we can spice up our office for Halloween. One great idea to celebrate Halloween is to beautify our own cubicle or table just like the way we adorn it with Christmas decorations, this will put fun on an otherwise dull office ambiance. We can then offer prizes for the best and most festively decorated work stations. Here are some.

attracting treats
Attract good spirits with these treats.
abrown halloween decor
You may not have a sweet tooth to drool on this, but this will surely catch your attention.
abrown spider web decorated bar
This spider web decoration can lure unsuspecting co-workers wandering in the Lanai area. Smile!
abrown halloween cake display
This cake display guarded with little goblins will make your day. Great for photo ops. Just be careful not to lean on the glass.
abrown blood stained window pane
Keep an eye on the blood stained window pane.
abrown scary window pane
Oh, that’s scary.
abrown ghost park
Don’t disturb the ghosts.
abrown ghost decor
They’re real. No strings attached.
abrown blair witch project
The Blair witch project.
abrown creepy dolls
There are more creepy dolls scattered around the pool area. Be very careful.
abrown bat decorations
Look! It’s a bat.
abrown halloween haunted cubicle
Grace your haunted cubicle with one of these, and it’ll surely be an attraction.

Another great idea is office Trick-or-Treating (but without the tricking.. We can encourage all employees to bring treats in loot bags to be shared and employees can then go cubicle to cubicle or officer to office trick or treating for fun.

To appeal to our corporate social responsibility, we can partner with some community events for charities and company employees then can participate in full costume and passed out treats. However, this activity needs the participation of the whole corporate community so this needs some serious planning.

I believe that celebrating the Halloween tradition at good for boosting employee morale This will greatly enhance the team building aspects of the group by encouraging everyone to work together to decorate their shared work area. These ideas will spark creative thinking and open up boxes of possibilities for celebrating Halloween at work.

Additionally, when a certain department makes their own ideas to celebrate holidays like Christmas, employees are more likely to participate in it, just like what we experience every time we decorate our office for Christmas.

Sounds fun, right? Do you have some Halloween ideas for the workplace?