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Just because a Christmas activity may be part of our tradition, it doesn’t have to be that traditional.

I woke up this morning to a familiar tune; a Christmas jingle that’s being played from my neighbor’s house. So just like that, it was just a day after Halloween and Christmas is already in the air.

Well, for us this is normal. We Filipinos are known to start preparing for the Christmas celebration in September and it doesn’t end until sometime mid- January, that’s how we value Christmas! So it’s perfectly reasonable why the December rush should creep into our workplaces.

The excitement makes even the most passive of workplaces suddenly alive with Christmas decors. Then our work schedules give way to decorating and gift wrapper. Our snack breaks are bursting with chatter about what to give for whom, what’s the Christmas party theme, and how much is the Christmas bonus this year!

Besides decors in the lobby and the wreath our doors, I asked myself how we can make the Christmas be fun and fresh, as well as keeping the Christmas spirit alive. Well, I asked some friends and co-employees and let me share some of their ideas.

  • Christmas Decorating Contest

Every December, our offices never fail to decorate and personalize their workplaces, especially Annabelle’s restaurant in Xavier Estates CDO. So, why not have a competition between the offices or departments. Let’s see who can be the most creative in producing a festive environment that can be adored by our fellow employees and our visitors. Of course, we will be having ground rules and regulations for this to be fair and really be fun. We all like to be challenged and a little bit of competition, right?

  •  Departmental Christmas Lunch/Dinner

I personally love getting together over lunch and dinner and how much more if it’s for a staff Christmas lunch or dinner. An office or per department Christmas meal or just a casual get together can be fun too. It can be crowd sourced from employees, or the company can provide some of it. But no matter what, Christmas treats always bring a smile to everyone’s face especially if it’s being shared with the people you closely work with.

  • Office Santa Claus

We might be old enough to believe in Santa Claus but the tradition of ‘Secret Santa’ works just as well in the workplace as it did when we were kids! Who would not love to be surprised?

Secret Santa will be assigned to give gifts to random employees or to selected employees by HRD or fellow employees. It cuts down on the time and expense of getting gifts or writing Christmas card for all the staff. This will surely add fun to any existing corporate programs or activities.

  • Add silly activities in between activities.

Add as much playfulness to your Christmas workplace activities ideas as much as you can. Like putting games, allow everyone to dress up, add prizes or some kind of incentive, Bowling, or swimming.

The ultimate goal of these Christmas celebration ideas is to help us create a memorable event and that eventually we all would look forward to in the future. After enduring the rest of the year, don’t we deserve a break and a cool Christmas activity?

And, any planned Christmas traditions will excite each employee on what to expect and give them something to look forward to.

By making our workplace a little more themed and festive will certainly help to make coming to work a little more pleasant and enjoyable. After all, just like what I’ve mentioned with my Halloween article that a happy and satisfied worker is often a more productive worker.

But out of all the excitement and anticipation, one should not forget the real meaning on why we are celebrating Christmas. The central fact of the Christmas is that the Child of Christmas is our living God, that whosoever believed in Him, to him who was crucified, died, and was buried and on the third day rose up again, shall have eternal life.

And let’s not all forget to be grateful in everything that we have. After all, the babe in the manger that was born in Bethlehem, He is the reason for everything.

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