A Brown Company, Inc. (ABCI) believes in the fundamental principle of loving and caring. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is basically part of ABCI’s corporate culture by practicing responsibility and accountability. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, ABCI follows these four pillars of CSR:

1. Promotes responsible leadership – one that exemplifies integrity, values, spirituality and genuine concern of all the company’s business partners and stakeholders.

2.  Heralds stewardship—one that improves the condition of not only the company but also of the community it serves.

3. Improves industrial peace in the work place– one that ensures employees decent work environment, and provides customers with quality products and services.

4. Builds relevance to society – one that understands the force that is driving the society or the community by being relevant to issues and concerns of general interest.

The following are initiatives taken by the company and its subsidiaries to the communities within the areas where the businesses operate and serve.

Company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities are reported in SEC Form 17-A (Annual Report); SEC Form 20-IS (Information Statement) and hard-bound Annual Report.