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By Shai Lagarde

Transform your cubicle into a mini vacation spot! Here’s how I did mine.

After working freelance for nine years in fashion and media, shifting to corporate required one bit of adjustment: being given my own cubicle where I would live from 9 AM to 6 PM. I’m in the office by seven, so unless I’m traveling or attending an event, that’s 11 hours a day, 55 hours a week.

I would go crazy if I work my butt off every day in this, so I decided to change things up a little.

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Here’s how my cubicle looks now. It took me about a week to do everything, from compiling pegs to checking our houses for things I can use to buying a few stuff to complete the look. First tip would be to decide on your main theme and design inspirations. I started out by writing down some keywords to capture the theme I wanted: beach house, pastels, garden, home, nature, sea, artsy. From there, I put together different items that were both functional and stylish.

Click here to see the complete process and lots of before and after pictures. Remember, your cubicle is your home away from home—treat it like you would your own personal space and you’ll find yourself more motivated to work hard!