Fire Safety Awareness in ABCI

May 18, 2015
06:56 AM


Fire Prevention Month is over but ABCI continues to observe fire safety measures in the workplace.

A Fire Safety Lecture and Fire Drill was conducted last April 10 at XSCCI Function Room by the Bureau of Fire Protection.

There were 28 employees who attended the said activity from different departments of the Brown Group of Companies.

Among the topics covered during the fire safety lecture are the different kinds of destructive fires, basic components and hazards of heat, smoke, gases and flames, and the importance of early detection, quick reporting and rapid suppression of fire.

A fire drill followed the lecture where the participants were asked to put out a fire using a fire extinguisher and fire hose cabinet.

A Fire Safety Lecture and Fire drill was also held in Opol Plantation to educate workers and employees on the other kind of destructive fire such as grass and forest fire. The said non-structural fires may cause severe damage to the environment and may endanger its inhabitants.

fire safety drill on opol plantation

For the company’s offices in Ortigas Center, the same event was held by Pasig City fire authorities.