God’s Instrument of Mercy & Compassion

February 26, 2015
07:42 AM


Pope Francis, dearly called by Filipinos as Lolo Kiko, visited our country last January 15-19, 2015 primarily to comfort the Filipinos stricken by typhoon Yolanda and devastated by the quake. He communed with the youth, mingled with the poor and homeless, reached out to the victims of calamities, soothed the pain of those who are hurting and quenched the thirst of those who are experiencing spiritual drought. All of these, and even more, he has done, all for one mission, to deliver God’s message for us Filipinos.

Pope Francis was a good shepherd. He was chosen by God to touch our hearts by His message. To be merciful and compassionate missionaries of faith, that is what God wants us to be. That very message has pierced deep into the hearts of Filipinos.

In the words of Manila Archbishop Antonio Luis Cardinal Tagle (to Pope Francis), “Every Filipino wants to go with you, not to Rome, but to the peripheries. We want to go with you to the shanties, to the prison cells, to hospitals, to the world of politics, finance, arts, the sciences, culture, education and social communication. We will go to those worlds with you, to bring the light of Christ. Jesus is the center of your pastoral visit and the cornerstone of the church. We will go Holy Father with you, where the light of Jesus is needed.” This only goes to show, that we have clearly listened, and heard God’s message.

My prayer for us Filipinos is to continue living up to our mission, to be missionaries of faith—full of mercy and compassion as people of God.