Good Housekeeping—For The Office

September 22, 2014
12:00 AM

By Elroy Z. Uta

Getting stuck at our desks can already be draining and monotonous. And the tiniest frustrations at work like pulling out a wrong plug, a cluttered workspace, spilled coffee, tangled cables, lost pens, missing smartphone chargers, can feel like so tedious and chances are we all end our day feeling lost and heavy.

But never fear, luckily our office is filled with things that with a little creativity and a few bents here and of some common office objects can make your working environment fun and easy.

And the internet is full of tips and tricks to help us in copping to this every day torments.

Behold the power of the bulldog clips.

1. Use bulldog clips to help organize your cables and keep them tangle-free.

2. Replace your broken keyboard feet with binder clip arms.

good housekeeping 3
Image via mashable

3. Use binder clip arms to make an earphones holder.

good housekeeping 4
Image via mashable

4. Organize your things.

good housekeeping 5
Image via mashable

Getting lost in cables wires? Use masking tape to label your cables.

good housekeeping 6
Image via mashable

Use an old cassette case as a phone holder.

Don’t throw away those toilet paper cardboard tubes. Use it to keep your cords organized.

good housekeeping 8
Image via viralnova

Don’t throw out those good old scratched and non-functioning CDs. Use as a coaster.

I hope you have enjoyed these lists of tips and tricks. Hopefully this made your work life a bit cooler and easier to navigate. If you have any suggestions or have some tips of your own, I would love to hear from you in the comments. Go and try these simple tricks and don’t forget to share these awesome tips to your co-workers!