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By Khristine Echevaria

Generally, good housekeeping means more than just cleanliness. It also means keeping necessary things at hand and in place. There are a thousand and one ways of achieving a clean, orderly and organized home. A few benefits and tips of good housekeeping include:

1) Decreased fire hazards and untoward incidents.

When you eliminate clutter, you reduce the chances of having accidents like tripping, falling, being hit by falling objects and being cut by protruding nails and wires.

2) Better control of materials, tools and kitchenware.

Organize your stockroom, cupboards and cabinets. Separate materials and tools that are used more frequently than those that are seldom needed. Toss out items you can do without. Arrange your kitchenware according to type, that way it would be easier to locate the stuff your need at the moment.

3) Efficient use of space.

Clean out your closet. Pick those old and hopeless jeans, t-shirts & blouses out. Worn out clothes may be used as rags. Some may be given out to donation centers, orphanage, sidewalk vendors or even beggars.

4) Good hygiene leads to improved health.

Remove dust and dirt. By having a dust-free area, you lessen the percentage of harmful materials entering your body. You could use a vacuum cleaner when removing dust on carpets. Wet the floor first before sweeping. Removal of dust from furniture, shelves and windows require manual cleaning, you may use a damp cloth, feather duster, paint or makeup brush for that.

Want to be carefree? Start using these tips now to have a light and clean surroundings.

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