Kapehan: A Roundtable on the Economy

November 26, 2015
02:19 AM


A Brown Company, Inc. hosted the last quarter “Kapehan With Dr. Bernie Villegas” on November 21, 2015 at Annabel’s Restaurant, Xavier Sports & Country Club. The said roundtable discussion was participated by 14 brilliant minds from  the government and private sector, tacking significant trends and issues on economics and politics. Dr. Villegas led the discussion, with input from Mr. Victor Abola and Mr. Brillo Reynes.

kapehan a roundtable on the economy gallery 1
kapehan a roundtable on the economy gallery 2

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility activities, A Brown Company, Inc., with businesses in real estate, agribusiness, power, and infrastructure in Mindanao and Visayas, conducts regular roundtable discussions on topics affecting the economy. These talks are done in partnership with Dr. Bernardo Villegas of the University of Asia & the Pacific.