Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

November 24, 2014
12:00 AM


The Manila office enjoys a white Christmas this year with some frosted adhesive paper, metallic Japanese papers, poster paint, and whiteboard marker.

DIY snowflakes

Snowflakes make for very pretty decorations, and they’re actually very easy to create! Simply follow the photo collage, with steps detailed below.

let it snow 2

1. Get frosted adhesive paper (the kind that you use to wrap textbooks) and cut into square pieces.

2. Fold the square diagonally into 1/2 to make a triangle.

3. Fold the triangle into 1/2.

4. Fold that folded triangle further, into a 1/3 triangle. I’m holding it with the left “wing” over the middle portion.

5. Fold the right “wing” over the left “wing” in picture 4. It should look like a letter A.

6. I made three A triangles to cut into three different snowflakes later on.

7. Go crazy with the cutting of patterns. It takes a bit of practice, and it would help if you would search for cutting guides on Goodle.

8. Unfurl the folded triangles and voila!

let it snow 3

This is what the frosted adhesive looks like on a glass door or window.

let it snow 4

I also made one using silver Japanese paper, with a bigger square to start with. Since Japanese paper is really thin, you can cut even more intricate patterns out of it.

let it snow 5

I stuck the Japanese paper on the pantry door as the focal design. Using gold Japanese paper, I cut out tassels to attach to the top of the door, and little stars to surround the snowflake. As for the snowballs, I simply mixed white poster paint with a little bit of water and dabbed into those circles using a small brush! It’s easy to wipe out once Christmas is over.

let it snow 6

DIY Snowman

Hello, Olaf! I used the white poster paint for the snowy parts (see how the water drippings actually give it a more icy effect), orange poster paint for the arms and nose, and black whiteboard marker for his clothes.

let it snow 7

This is how it looks along with the snowflakes and snowballs.

let it snow 8

What do you think? Go ahead and try these merry decor tips!