Life in a new Angle

September 18, 2020
11:22 PM

By Khristine Echeveria

“New year, new life.”

We often hear this saying at the start of the year, but if we give it some real thought, what does New Year really bring? — OPTIONS and a LIFE IN A NEW ANGLE.

2015 might have caused us so much pain and even failure, but this year would be different. We have to claim it. We have to BECOME, we shouldn’t remain. Oftentimes, out of contentment and ease, we do and continually chose the things and situations that we are used to having and doing. If we want change, then be the change that you aspire to be.

We might have done something wrong in this past, but it doesn’t mean we have to be wrong all the time. It is never too late to right a wrong. We can ALWAYS CHOOSE to be right.

We might not able to do everything before, but we can ACT now. In order to get to the top of a ladder, we have to take the first, second, and third step to be there.

Having a goal is important but how to achieve that goal is essential. The option and decision we take depicts the angle at how we look at things. Become or remain. Be right or be wrong. To do or not to do. The option is yours, CHOOSE!