Priming Up for ASEAN

August 01, 2014
08:36 AM

By Rizza A. Janea

The recent forum titled “Economic Briefing: Priming Up for the ASEAN Integration” held last July 3, 2014 was a remarkable success. The speakers during the forum, Dr. Bernardo Villegas, Dr. Rolando Dy, Dr. Thomas Aquino and Dr. Graciano Yumul were brilliant as they imparted their knowledge to the audience. The forum also had the best audience. More than the company’s expected guest list of 200 arrived: a total of 100 participants from various universities and more than 150 representatives from various business sectors and government offices. Around 50 managers and supervisors from A Brown Company, Inc. also joined the forum. Chairman Dr. Walter Brown, President Robert Pizarro and Board member Atty. Antonio Soriano were there to support the event.

With the success of the event, a plan to have a quarterly Breakfast Talk or “Kapihan” has been organized and started on July 19, 2014. A small gathering of selected Cagayan de Oro’s top businessmen will take part and discuss business over a cozy breakfast ambiance.

Indeed, it is a heroic act of A Brown to gather the best businessmen, government representatives and intellectual students in Cagayan de Oro to support the city’s industry. The forum initiated by A Brown is just the beginning of a huge lasting success of balanced business relationship, thus, building strong and determined business people that will lift up the city in the future.