Quality Circle At Work

October 19, 2014
08:17 AM


ABCI believes in the idea of continuous improvement in the workplace. Since 2012, the company had adopted the Japanese way of promoting productivity and quality of products and services.

Empowering employees to utilize their potentials for improvement in quality and to create an environment of work that stimulates commitment towards excellence are among the goals of Quality Circle and Easy Kaizen. The Quality Circle (QC) is under the Productivity Improvement Program of the company.

There are 8 existing circles with 9 QC projects in the company coming from different departments with their respective circle names and projects such as:

DepartmentTeam NameTitle
1. ABCI – Vertical ConstructionObelisk“Modern Steel Form Shoring System for Terrace Pre-cast (Cast Canopies and Molding)”
2. ABCI – Horizontal ConstructionThe Horizons“Fabricated Manholes and Lean Concrete Application”
3. ABCI – Sales & MarketingThe Realtors“Backlog of Previous Accounts”
4. ABERDI – MillThe Millers1st Project: “Design and Fabrication of Bucket Cups in the Bucket Elevator”
2nd Project: “Fabrication of a Mechanized Vibrating Nuts and Fiber Separator”
5. ABERDI – Opol PlantationVerdant Fields“Increasing Efficiency in Planting and Proper Handling of Palm Oil Seedling During Hauling”
6. ABERDI – Kalabugao PlantationMountain Bounty Bunchers“Rearranging of Frond Piles and Installation of Signages/Numbering of Permanent Harvesting Path”
7. ABCI – PurchasingThe W.A.C.K.Y.“Eliminating Delay in Providing the Team-Requested Materials”
8. ABCI – HRHR A.I.M.S.“The Innovative Ways and Solutions for the Reduction of Frequent Delays in Payroll Processing”

This year there are three circles that are still working on their projects, namely ABCI-Accounting, ABCI-Crushing, BRC-Chalet & Housekeeping and XSCCI-Kitchen and Dining. The circles will present their projects to the management on December 12, 2014.