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Summer has always been the favorite season to have a vacation. It is the time where we give ourselves a break after long days of hard work. Traveling will bring us to some places where vacation will be more exciting and cherished especially if we spend it together with our loved ones. A trip outside the town, enjoying the scenery while traveling, a mountain trekking facing challenges of the sloppy terrain or go to a beach where most of the people used to enjoy the summer breeze. These are just few examples on how we spend an escapade.

So here are few tips for safe travel:

  1. Plan

Make travel plans so that we will be guided. Make sure to keep it and bring it with us while traveling. A checklist is also important to remind us on what we need.

  1. Separate your sources of money

Keep our money/cards at least one in a different place. If we lose all our money/cards, it is very difficult to get replacements and being without money can be kind of unfun.

To avoid being pick-pocketed, keep your wallet in your front pocket, especially a pocket that can be buttoned up.

  1. Identification Cards / Documents

Bring with you any valid ID’s for identification purposes. For those who are traveling to another country, scan your travel documents and email them to yourself. In that way, your documents won’t go missing even if your bags do.

  1. Don’t leave your belongings unattended

This is somehow very obvious to a lot of people because they do it a lot. Travelers used to leave their bags at their feet or hanging it at the back of chairs in public areas. It should be either put on your lap or leave it to someone you know if going somewhere.

  1. Health kit

Travelers should carry a travel health kit all the time. Emergency first aid kits are meant for minor and major injuries. Always remember to read the instructions on how to use the medicines and its proper dose.

  1. Check car before driving

Driving is one of the most dangerous things that people do, but you can prevent certain problems if you know how to check your car before driving. Visual inspections may prevent an accident. So here are some important things to check before driving:

  • Check under the car for obvious leaks.Driving with leaking fluid may cause failure of the steering or brakes.
  • Check the tires for proper inflation and any obvious damage or signs.In a worst case scenario, a blown tire could cause you to crash.
  • Make sure the spare tire is inflated and the jack is present.
  • Check the lights.Make sure that directional signals, break lights and head lights are all working.
  • Check your windows to make sure you have good visibility giving you a proper view of the road.
  • Know how the gauges on your dashboard should look when everything is working properly.