Unsung Heroes

August 01, 2014
08:28 AM

By Khristine O. Echeveria

Heroes are people who are admired for their distinguished courage, bravery (deeds) and nobility (qualities).

Anybody can actually be a hero. One doesn’t have to die for the nation to be one, or shoot the ball on the last second for the win; just by merely having a willing heart and being able to make even a small difference in other people’s lives, already makes one a hero.

We often do not recognize or appreciate the little things other people have done. Like the unsung heroes of our everyday life. Our parents, our friends, our siblings or even our colleagues, who just happen to run the “extra-extra” mile just so the team could achieve its goal.

We have a number of employees/colleagues who are often left unrecognized for genuine acts of concern and substantial efforts for the company. Though they do not require recognition for such acts, yet, they deserve true gratitude. I believe it’s not a matter of “Nah, they’re being paid for it!” but, it’s really about valuing the heroism these employees do possess. It’s unfortunate for anybody to overlook the efficiency, dependability and reliability of its asset, and our people are our companies’ asset. So…

Kudos to all Organizational Heroes! Same goes to all the Service Awardees. The 5, 10, 15 and 20 years of unparalleled dedication you have given to the company are such a noteworthy act. I pray that as pillars of the organization, we would continue striving to be models and heroes. Even if unsung, what matters more is the heart of a hero that remains in us.

I am a HERO. Won’t you agree?