XSCCI’s Annual Stockholders Meeting

November 26, 2015
02:28 AM


Xavier Sports & Country Club had its Annual Stockholders Meeting last October 23, 2015 at the club’s bar lounge.

The President had it in his message to shareholders that the Facilities Revenue booked a record turnout 21% growth in 2014 from P3.1 million in 2013 to P3.7 million in 2014. Data also showed that Membership Dues Revenue reached 13% increase from a year ago figure of P2.1 million to P2.4 million. There is also a 2% improvement in Food and Beverage Revenues from P25.4 million in 2013 to 25.9 million in 2014.

All these were due to the aggressive facilities promotion, improvements in pricing packages and food varieties, visibility and exceptional service increased member awareness benefits, packages and club events. Annabel’s restaurant aims to continue to improve it menu by offering vegetarian dishes, kiddie specials and new desserts.

Having done all these, XSCCI is expected to improve more in all its facets now and for the coming years.